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Check back for information about our 2020 conference!

Math in Your Hands

Hands-on math for K-3

Supporting Differently Wired Kids

how we can support our children with processing problems and differently wired brains

Past Workshops & Events

Bringing it All Together: Unit Studies 

Book Making for Everyone 

BE Inspired! Homeschool Conference 2018 

Waldorf 101, Presented at HSC 2018

Nature Journaling for Teens 

Nature Journaling: Water Colors & Ink

BE INSPIRED! Homeschool Conference 2017

Nature Journaling: Sketchbook & Beyond

Two Hats?

Seriously Simple Science, presented at HSC 2017

Teaching to Temperaments, presented at HSC 2017

Ready for A shift, presented at HSC 2017

Homeschool Planning for the Whole Child

DIY: Seriously Simple Science

Mom & Me Kumihimo

Wholistic Language Arts

Joyful Essentials with Special Guest, Melisa Nielsen


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