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Our Last Conference was AMAZING!

Keep an eye out for the 2020 Conference!


Patricia Zabellos  - Dictation for Homeschoolers

Dictation simply means having one person write for another. It isn’t a method widely used in schools—the adult-to-child ratio doesn’t allow it—but it’s an ideal way to approach writing for homeschoolers. Many kids dislike writing because the mechanics are difficult, taking years to master. Dictation allows kids to develop vivid writing voices from an early age, while acquiring mechanical skills naturally over time. Dictation is also a helpful technique for older reluctant writers, and for fluent writers who need help starting a challenging project. In this workshop we’ll explore the role of dictation in a fun, child-centered approach to writing. We’ll discuss tips for taking dictation successfully, and we’ll examine the advanced writing skills that kids can pick up painlessly while dictating their thoughts and ideas.

Patricia Zaballos

Dictation: The Ideal Tool for Homeschoolers

Kelli O'Niel - Primal Movement Works!

We all know that movement is essential for good health, but did you know that basic movement exercises can help regulate a child’s nervous system, reset movement patterns and enhance your child’s overall well being? Connections are made between the brain and body during each motor development stage and are necessary building blocks for balance, coordination and the eye movement needed for learning to read and write. Movement also stimulates attention, cooperation, visual skills, speech and language development, and impulse control. Kelli will be presenting Primal Movement WORKS°¨ a comprehensive systematic movement approach to restore and refine movement patterns increase function and enhance fascial health. Primal Movement is effective for any person, any age, from child through adult, and can be especially helpful for those with ADHD, SPD, and other special needs. Simple exercises will be demonstrated and practiced that you can do at home. Come ready to experience movement!

Kelli O'Niel

Primal Movement Works!

Julie Mink Schiffman - What About Community

Join Julie to discuss the importance of building community and how to do it. We’ll talk about the significance of Park Days, the cornerstone of homeschool groups everywhere, and the importance of showing up, as well as ways you can help contribute towards creating a vibrant and thriving homeschool community. Planning field trips and community events for your local group and/or volunteering at the statewide level can help you make connections you might otherwise miss. We’ll also discuss how introverts can contribute and create lasting friendships!

Julie Mink Schiffman

What About Community?

Patricia Zabellos - Workshops Work

One of the best ways to motivate a child to write is to find authentic audiences for their words. While this can be a challenge for homeschoolers, writing workshops are an excellent solution. A workshop is simply a gathering where writers share their work with one another and offer feedback. Writing workshops are ideal for all ages, from very young kids who still dictate their ideas, to teens who especially appreciate peer feedback. Workshops can be nearly magical in motivating kids to write—most kids thrive on the peer audience. Even better: workshops are fairly simple to facilitate. This workshop will give you all the nitty-gritty details you’ll need to facilitate a writer’s workshop of your own—and inspire your kids to write!

Patricia Zaballos

Workshops Work: How to facilitate a writer’s workshop

Casey Maupin

Book Making



Casey Maupin, Book Making for Everyone

Are you looking for a way to celebrate your child’s writing? Or maybe you are searching for something to inspire them to put pen to paper? Then join Casey to learn a variety of simple techniques for making beautiful handmade books. She will cover both binding and decorating techniques suitable for all ages. You will leave this workshop with new skills and a handful of books ready to use!

Amy Van Linge

Bringing It Together: An Introduction to Unit Studies


Amy Van Linge, Bringing It Together: An Introduction to Unit Studies

Would you like to simplify your teaching and planning? Would you like to help your children see the connection between subjects while feeding their current obsession, be it whales or electronics or Fancy Nancy? Unit studies to the rescue! In this workshop we will define what unit studies are, how to plan one, where to gather materials and what to cover. Unit studies can be used from preschool through high school!

Melisa Nielson - Peaceful Foundations

Together Melisa will help you explore the core principals of a peaceful foundation for life and learning. 1) Rhythm (personal & family) and understanding the concept of holding the space. 2) Having proper systems in place - homeschool planning, meal planning, chores, family meetings. 3.) Media & Movement - Having proper media boundaries, knowing when media is a problem, etc. Getting enough movement in. 4.) Inner work - who are you? Do you know yourself? How do you connect with your children and family? What do your relationships look like?

Melisa Nielson

Peaceful Foundations

Stephanie Hood - Teen Topics

Our children mature into teenagers and step into increasing independence, college and career. Some of these transitions into adulthood must be handled differently for homeschooled teens compared to their traditionally schooled peers. This workshop will explore the many options for homeschooling high school, and how homeschoolers can approach these rites of passage: Work Permits, Driver’s Education, graduation, college enrollment.

Stephanie Hood

Teen Topics

Jaine Kopp - Storybook Math

Using children’s literature, we will springboard into explorations of math concepts for young children. Starting with the Frog & Toad Lost Button story, we will investigate buttons by comparing, sorting, graphing and playing games with them. Other books will provide the jumping-off-point for tangrams, number and probability. During our time together, we will do as many hands-on activities as possible and you will leave with a bibliography to keep you going.

Jaine Kopp



Jaine Kopp - Fraction Sense

So much time is spent on developing whole number sense! We need to provide ample time for children to understand and learn about fractions using tools in a similar way. In this workshop, we will make fraction strips (bars) and use the number line to understand fractions as an expanded part of our number system. We will make fraction bars, compare fractions, find equivalent fractions and order fractions. This under our belts, the connection to addition and subtraction of fractions will be a smooth transition!

Jaine Kopp



Meryn Gruhn Di Tullio

Navigation in Nature  - Orienting Like the Great Explorers

Meryn Gruhn Di Tullio, Navigation in Nature

Nature provides us with the tools we need to find our way. Learn at least 3 different ways to teach the cardinal directions, navigation, and basic orienteering to your student. Create your own compass while we share with you supporting stories, games, art, and verse to round out your lesson. Sign up for a grade-appropriate lesson plan to be emailed to you. This lesson can be used as a charter sample for science, social studies, math, physical education, and/or language arts.

Melissa Grover





Melissa Grover, Bullet Journal 101

Learn how to hold yourself accountable for your goals and dreams and act on them by using a bullet journal. Come discover the fun in creating a more organized life and how to beautify your planner. Find tips, tricks and inspiration!

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